Perfect playground
for office Owners and Tenants

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Easily searching
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What is Offidon?

Offidon is a platform
for office owners and
companies looking for
office for lease

Tenants and office owners are connected directly
with Offidon

  • Time-efficient
  • Cost-saving
  • Information-accurate

Usual Process

In most of the time, transactions between an office owner and its tenant proceed through a broker or an agent. The agent gets information from the office, conveys it to potential tenants, then delivers inquiries from the tenants to the owner. If the transaction is successful, the agent is remunerated from 50% to 100% of one-month rental of the lease contract.


All transactions between offices and their potential tenants proceed directly on Offidon with no interference by agents. Low costs, high performance and accurate information for no extra charges other than the registration fee for the entire period of use.

How to USE Offidon


Easily posting your office information and pictures or inquiries about an office you’re looking for.


Quickly find the location, rental, size and other requirements of your favorite offices or the needs of your potential tenants.


Speedily contact office owners or potential tenants for details of their office or their needs without interference of an agent.


Promptly being informed of activities from your major contacts via email and push notification features.

How to USE Offidon

How to REGISTER an Offidon account

In order to maintain Offidon a no-agent playground,
you need to have us register your account to be able to access Offidon.

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